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Bearded Ladies, Bushes and Babes.



At the heart of it all, art is a form of communication. Throughout my work, I shape a continuing dialogue with the viewer using repeating imagery, symbolism, and form. In practice, my studio artworks, public installation, and poetry have served as my own language to process the darker aspects of humanity and human emotion through personal and shared experience.


Through public engagement, my work serves as a catalyst to shared experiences and critical conversations, with the pursuit of reducing shame and stigma surrounding challenging or even taboo subjects. In-particular the past six years, I have geared my creative practice towards cross-community dialogue, engaging public art and murals as the vehicle and safe platform for social-change centered engagment. I founded the non-profit Brand the Moth in 2017 for such public art programs, and supporting the public artist community in Charlotte, NC through mural residency training, paid work and teaching opportunities for local artists, and experimental collaborative installation. In that time, I aided production of over 80 murals in the Charlotte area; designing and directing programs and events including Brand the Moth’s META Mural Residency, The UNTITLED Street Residency and Talking Walls Mural Festival. I have a bachelor’s degree in studio art from Tyler School of Art, Temple University.

2022 is a year of transition for me. I am returning to discovery in my creative processes, dedicating my time back to the studio and, furthering my writing practice. I spent this past winter engaging the study of death and dying through End-of-life-Doula training and curation of a large scale, grief centered environmental installation. Following, I began the process of redirecting my creative practices to align more intentionally with themes of death, grief and self-healing through expression. I am currently exploring this language through etching, oil painting and long-form poetry, while working to develop death-centered public experiences. 

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*Photograph by @owl.clt 

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