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Bearded Ladies, Bushes and Babes.


At the heart of it all, I create as my own form of language which desires to describe our most challenging experiences, shaping a continuing dialogue for personal growth and interpersonal connection. Through symbolic expression and story telling I seek to navigate and question our inner most worlds, while my art serves to process the most misunderstood aspects of humanity and the expanse of emotional experience. 


I am currently developing a research project and body of work exploring grief integration through oil painting, illustration and creative writing. This series examines my own personal relationship with emotional processing, a philosophical investigation of grief and the human experience, and the study of death across cultures and history. From this series, I am compiling an art book which seeks to normalize conversations surrounding our grief. You can find more creative writing and behind-the-scenes details on my Patreon.

Sam Guzzie is a multi-media painter, writer and installation artist, born in Philadelphia, PA and currently based in Charlotte, NC. Through a range of creative pursuits, public engagement and interactive installation, Guzzie’s work serves as a catalyst to shared experiences and critical conversations, with a focus on reducing shame and stigma surrounding challenging or even taboo subjects. Sam's work has been showcased across the East Coast USA, featured in international publications and Charlotte institutions Mint Museum and Mint Museum Uptown.


In 2017, Guzzie founded the 501c(3) non-profit, Brand the Moth, as a vehicle for cross-community dialogue, experimental collaborative installation, and social-change centered community engagement. Brand the Moth supported the public artist community in Charlotte through mural residency training, public mural and teaching opportunities, and collaborative commissions. In that time, Guzzie aided the production of over 80 murals in the greater Charlotte area; designing and directing public art programs and events including Brand the Moth’s META Mural Residency, The UNTITLED Street Residency and Talking Walls Mural Festival.

In 2021, Guzzie received a scholarship to study with INELDA (International End-of-Life-Doula Association), and was certified as an end-of-life doula.

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